Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Knock It Off, Model/Actress

I see people doing weird things all the time. You might be the strangest of the bunch. It's funny, but most people don't run around proclaiming to have a job that they don't really have. You, however, live your life telling everyone that you are this thing that you really aren't. In fact, you tell them you're something that you really shouldn't tell them you are. I'm not talking to legitimate models or actresses, I'm talking to the wannabes.

I don't mind you having a dream. That's fine. Many of us have dreams. What I do mind is you spending more time trying to convince me and the rest of the world that you're living it than actually living it. Here's a great example. If you look at my Facebook profile, it has my name on it. It doesn't say "Kevin Moyers Mailman." That's not my name. Your profile, however, says "Shirley Shithead Actress." If you have to tell me you're an actress, you're probably not doing that great of a job.

Also, you have the job description. "Model/Actress at Self Employed." That's a big lie. You don't model or act for yourself. Yes, I know my profile says that I work for Abnormal Entertainment. Well, I do. I co-own it, and I helped build what we have here. On top of that, I do work on it every single day. Every single day. That's not a joke. Not a day goes by that I'm not blogging, reviewing a movie, editing someone else's movie review, recording, editing or posting a podcast or trying to find ways to get our work attention. I truly work at Abnormal Entertainment.

I also want to clarify this whole model thing. Acting is easy to define. If you filmed some shit half-assed movie with your friends (guilty), then you've acted. I get that. I've done that, though I would never call myself an actor. That is my personal choice. Modeling, however, requires you to model for something. Doing a so-called photo shoot in your underwear in some guy's garage for no purpose other than to take pictures does not make you a model. It makes you a dummy. You are now spank material for some guy who was just smart enough to tug at your ego.

Here's another thing. You think that somehow you're going to make a living off of your looks. I hate to say this, but many of you will never be able to do that. I know that automatically makes me a jerk guy to most of you, but I'm being honest. Adorable as I am, I can't cash in on my face. I'm honest with myself. You might want to consider doing the same thing. It's not just about that, though. I would think that if you had any kind of real self-esteem, you'd want to be known for something more than just being that girl who put fifty pictures of herself almost naked up on her Tumblr account. I have a daughter, and no matter how pretty she someday is, I will always make sure she aims higher than trying to use her looks to make a buck. I want her to be a person of substance. I'd like to see her educate herself and let her looks be a nice bonus to the fact that she's a success at something meaningful. I'd like to see you all do the same. Aim a little higher or try a little harder. Let your accomplishments convince that you are a success, not your Facebook profile.

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