Friday, February 10, 2012

Knock It Off, Rodney Harrison

I understand that it's tough to watch your former team lose the Super Bowl. I'm sure it's especially rough when they lose to the Giants for the second time, especially since you were on the team the first time. What you shouldn't do is shit on the way another player deals with that loss. You criticized Rob Gronkowski for dancing at a club after his team's Super Bowl loss, and you really have no place. You weren't half the player he is.

I know you were good at what you did, but this is a guy that's coming off of two NFL records in his sophomore year in the league. Do you know what award you won twice? Dirtiest player in the league. You were highly regarded as a scumbag, and now you only extend that legacy of douchebaggery. You are a dick, and you should shut your stupid mouth. I'll bet you don't know why, but I'll happily tell you.

First off, Gronk is a monster. The kid's going into the Hall of Fame. Sure, you might be as well, but at least people will be happy to see him go in. You were a dick on the field, and now you're a dick on television. You're part of the worst commentary team on the air. You and Tony Dungy are beyond boring, and you keep me from watching the pregame show on Sunday nights. If it were up to me, you'd be fired... out of a cannon... into a brick wall. Anything to save us from another season of your bland so-called insight.

Worst of all, you sit back and shit on a great player for what he did after the Super Bowl while you were on the wrong side of the greatest catch in Super Bowl history. That's right. Right behind David Tyree and his amazing helmet catch is good old number 37. You fucked up, shithead, and now you're throwing blame on someone else. It's not Gronk's fault that you got posterized. Own up to your own bullshit and leave the kid alone. People will only remember you as that shitty guy on NBC while they're still singing his praises. Grow up and let the guy have a good time. After all, it's a kids' game.

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