Monday, April 02, 2012

Knock It Off, Spike Lee

I often look toward Hollywood and wonder how certain people are allowed to continue working. It has nothing to do with the quality of your films. I refuse to see any of them. I'm sure you'll call me a racist for that, because that's what you do, but your race has (shocking!) nothing to do with it. I refuse to support the career of someone who is such an obnoxious dickbag. You have crossed that line one too many times, and now it's time to put a stop to you.

Let's put aside the time you tried to sue the Spike channel for stealing your name. That's just stupid. If Warner Bros. was smart, they'd sue you for stealing the name of their cartoon dog. You don't own your name, asshole. They called it Spike, not Spike Lee. It's an innocuous old-timey tough guy name that they used for a guys' channel. It's irony that your name is one that's usually attributed to tough guys, considering the fact that you whine more than a baby with a booboo.

You are one of the most prolific race baiters of the last century. As much as you claim that you want an end to racism, you do a damn good job of keeping it alive. I know you're upset about Trayvon Martin. So am I. So are a lot of people. I think George Zimmerman took things to a horrible level, and he should be punished. As great as the idea of vigilante justice sounds, it's never really going to be a good idea. It's like owning a pit bull. Proponents say it's all in how you train them. The problem with it is that only morons own pit bulls, and these are the same that will participate in taking the law into their own hands. Zimmerman is one of those morons, and so are you.

You somehow thought it was a great idea to post George Zimmerman's address on Twitter. Of course, genius that you are, you didn't do any research. You posted the address to the wrong George Zimmerman. The house you posted belongs to an elderly couple in poor health. You didn't even have the balls or brains to apologize. Go on with your stupid life while others suffer due to your asshole mistake. If I were them, I'd have a lawyer building a case against you.

You need to slink back into the shadows where you came from. Nobody wants to hear from you. You only cause trouble. Considering the money your films don't pull in, nobody wants to be entertained by you, either. Do all of us a favor and disappear. Don't worry, nobody will even notice.

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